Tower Prep

Usually, I'm an innocent bystander in the selection of television viewing in this house. We've had the current TV since April, and I still don't know how to work the remote. (That's what kids are for when you don't choose much on your own)

A few months ago, Chef started watching the live action original programming, namely Unnatural History. The show took historical events and wove them into a fictional series about two cousins who at first dislike each other, but later realize that they need each other to solve mysteries.

So, in October, when a new program started up, he was in. We didn't see every episode, but if it was Tuesday night and we were home, Tower Prep was going to be watched. The difference was that this show (like Unnatural History) wasn't a dumbed down storyline. It had appeal for both me and Chef.

Basically, Ian wakes up and finds himself in Tower Prep, a boarding school where the students all have special abilities. He has no clue how he got there, but Ian has the ability to see things before they happen. Ian soon makes friends with three other students, CJ (an empath), Suki (a mimic) and Gabe (a charismatic persuader) who all tell what they know of the school-and their desire to get out.

So the main goal of the foursome is to figure out how to get out, but there are a lot of secrets. Basically, students get there and can't leave. Mystery and supernatural elements geared towards the teen set. However, the writing was good enough that I wanted to see what would happen, too.

The only down side was that Cartoon Network has only shown the programs on Tuesday nights, no repeats or chance to catch what you missed. Fortunately, Chef and I made sure to watch the season finale tonight, where several bombs were dropped and the four students achieved their goal of escape. That wasn't the end, but another beginning.

I want to know when the next season starts and this time? It's getting DVRed, because I am hooked.

If you get a chance to find this in repeats (of CN decides to replay them), check it out. It's intelligent viewing that is kid friendly, but prevents them from checking their brains at the door.

Thanks, Cartoon Network!


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