Teacher Gifts

At GameTeen's school, everyone helps out with the students. As a result, I didn't want to go wit the traditional buy a gift for the one teacher,' because that would leave out so many people who have an impact on his day to day instruction.

Instead, I did something I used to do for his school in Maryland: I made lunch for all the faculty and staff!

The menu was a well-received brined and grilled Chicken, rosemary roasted potatoes and a large salad loaded with craisins, pecans, pineapples and feta cheese.

When I went to pick up Game Teen this afternoon, when I went to get the serving platters and bowls, there was still a lot of food left (I tend to over cook). It must have been a hit, because when I asked if anyone wanted to take leftovers home, within two minutes, EVERYTHING was gone! (Which really was my goal) What better way for a few people to start Christmas break than to have a night where they don't have to cook?

When I said that I was trying to figure out what to make for the end of the year meal, the response was three people saying "make this again, please!"

I guess we did good!


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