Two Down, Two to Go

Psych of Aging final-done. I won't get the grade until probably next Friday, because the professor gave the class the option of taking the final in the last class session or the designated final exam time slot. I'm of the mind to get things done.

This morning, I took my Cognitive Psych final. The class is taught by the most beloved professor on campus and I've kicked myself all along that I couldn't take one of her classes until my final semester there. It was worth it. By the time I got home from picking Game Teen up from school, my grade was up.

In typical Suzanne fashion, I continued the 'so close I can touch it' grade streak. My overall average in the class is a 92.69- and 93 is an A. I'm hoping for rounding up!

With two off my plate, the ability to focus my studying on Tuesday's oral exam, Wednesday's final and then next Tuesday's final will be a lot easier to manage.


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