A Letter to Dad

Dear Dad,

It's been almost twenty years. Yeah, I know, a long time. Lately, I've been thinking about you a lot more than usual.

I wonder what things you and the kids would be getting into, whether you and Chef would have been to a Broadway show, a hike or a hundred or whether you'd be debating the merits of various musicians. With Game Teen, you'd probably be pulling that literary storehouse out of the boy and had a lot of patience with his obsessions.

The main reason you've been on my mind is that you valued education above all else. It took a long time, but I realize that my passion for books came from you. Your thirst for knowledge was impressive, and you stressed the importance of a good education to me and Giggles.

You were so proud of both of us attending college and disappointed when I 'took a semester off' that stretched a lot longer than one semester. Right after you passed away, I returned to school to get those 12 credits done, but I got sidetracked by life once more.

The first day back at college, I could hear you whispering in my ear "keep going, Suzie, you can do this." With every good grade, a part of me wished you were here to see the fruits of my hard work. You'd be reveling in the fact that I am so very happy in school.

As I entered this semester, a bit of melancholy crept in. I'd be finishing my time with some great friends and fantastic professors, but starting on a new educational journey. I think a part of the feeling is because I wish you were here to see it.

Monday night, I walk across the stage. I will be getting that bachelor's degree. If you were here, I know how proud you would be to say "BOTH of my daughters are college graduates."

Just as I know that at the end of this educational journey, it would tickle you to no end to say "my daughter, the PhD."

One step at a time, Dad. But I'll get there.

Better late than never.

I just wish you were here to see it.




ligirl said…
Beautiful. I believe he knows about your journey here and is so incredibly proud of you!

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