Younique 3D Fiber Lashes

A friend of mine began selling the Younique cosmetics line earlier this year and to say she's been doing fantastic with it has been an understatement. The main draw to this beauty product line is their Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes, and the pictures I've seen Robin post have shown this to create a dramatic difference in the length and fullness of eyelashes. As Robin has two daughters who perform, dance, and participate in pageants, it made sense that she'd find such a product and rave about it-her girls definitely have a use.

But what about the everyday cosmetic wearer? Someone who doesn't really need a dramatic look? That was my question, as I didn't really wear a lot of makeup due to my allergies. Recently, though, I found good high quality brands and began wearing makeup again-stuff that doesn't make me want to rub my face non-stop. Mascara was one of the few things I never had a problem with, but if I rubbed the rest of it, then the mascara looked weird, so I usualy skipped it.

When I'd mentioned that I finally found makeup that seemed to be working well for me, Robin offered for me to try the 3D Fiber Lashes to write about my experience. A generous offer, and I took her up on it. The package arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I really was scared to try it. Fiber lashes sounded like they'd be similar to false eyelashes and well, I'm a klutz. It would probably be an epic fail on me, right?

Well, today, I opened the package and figured, even if it takes me two hours to do this right, I'll show you all how good these lashes look. After all, there were so many pictures that Robin's posted on her Facebook wall that show how much of a difference they make, then clearly, I could have the same results-if with a little more work.

Oh, the surprise in store for me, my friends.

I started with a fresh, clean face:

Then, I applied one of the Urban Decay eyeliners I've grown to love, the new MAC eye shadow I just picked up, and the defining Bare Minerals Mascara that is not quite as defining as my favorite Lancome Defincils, but close.

Then, I opened the package of the 3D Fiber eyelashes and found that instead of it being a tube of loose fiber, tweezers, and a applicator wand, it was just like two tubes of mascara!

The instructions are ridiculously simple, to the point that I wanted to hit myself upside the head for being afraid to try these! You take the larger tube of setting liquid, brush it like mascara, then before it dries, gently brush the fiber brush, also brushing it like mascara. The second brush is substantially smaller, and I think you'll get best results if you do one side at a time, but I was done with these in under two minutes. AS I already tend to do two coats of mascara, this wouldn't even add any time to my routine on a normal morning.

And look!

I shared three different lighting situations so you could get a better look.

While I think I have decent lashes before I even put makeup on, there is no denying that the 3D Fiber Lashes make a huge difference in helping to make my eyes stand out. Since it is so easy to do, I probably will use these more than the rare evening out, on those days I think my eyes need to stand out.

While Robin was kind enough to send these to me, the price for them is extremely reasonable. I paid $22 for the bare minerals mascara last month, and at $29, I think the price is great for the results achieved.

After I raved about the results on Facebook, I ended up clicking the link Robin so kindly shared (and is here throughout my post and I think I'll be trying a couple of the eye shadows that are fairly close to the MAC colors I was planning to purchase soon.

With the holidays coming, if I had makeup lovers on my list, I'd definitely consider getting a set of these to put under the tree. In any case, after these tubes run out, I am ordering more. Great results from so little effort, why wouldn't I?


ligirl said…
Beautiful! Want!
ligirl said…
Beautiful! Want!

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