Food Trucks!

We have food trucks on the USF Health campus Monday through Thursday. It has proven so popular, that most days, we now get two. Today's were Roaming Gourmand and I Wanna Wok. Both looked so good, but I opted for Roaming Gourmand today.

The empanadas were really good, beef with diced onion and a little bit of heat on the back end. I had Cholula at the ready, but they really didn't need it. These were a win.

These are Chip's chips. They're fried fresh, then served with a roasted onion dip. If they offered more dip, I would gladly take it and spread it on just about everything, it is that good.

Meanwhile, this is I Wanna Wok. The menu looks awesome and it has had rave reviews. I will make this my stop the next time they're here.

How can you resist cool names like these?


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