Door Number One, Door Number Two, or...

Door number three.

I finally got in to see my new neurologist. Her nurse triaged and seemed irritated that I wasn't there first and foremost for headaches, the neurologist seemed annoyed that I talk fast. Eventually, we got things sorted out, she did some basic tests, and I'm set up for the usual array of MRIs and EMGs. Her first objective is to rule out Carpal Tunnel for the wrist.

Say what?

The hand issues do not present in any way like I experienced Carpal in the right wrist, but I get where she's coming from. I expressed confusion, because there has been no pain (thankfully!), but admittedly, most of these issues do show up in Carpal. Well, I'm not so sure about Coldfinger, but the rest of it does.

I have to learn to stop nodding when I agree with the conversation, I was making myself loopy.

The final verdict is that I left with medications for the spinnies, for the nausea that accompanies the spinnies, the back spasms that come from the spinal fusion (because the stuff I have makes me sleepy), and a new prescription for migraine injections. I thought I had a drugstore in my purse before, now I will sound like I'm carrying maracas!

At least the two MRIs can be done at the same time and I got all the tests scheduled before I return to see her in the new year.


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