SoFresh Salads & Grill, Tampa

When you have a crazy, busy schedule, trying to eat good food can be a challenge. Consider the days that you leave home for work around 6am and don't get back until after 9pm. Bagged lunches are boring, but fast food isn't good for you. The more I'm reading about my specific health issues, the more I'm seeing that I need to step up the healthier intake. It's something I actually enjoy, but finding the options while at work can be tough.

Then about a month ago, a coworker said she was going to SoFresh for take out, did any of us want to try it. I jumped on the menu and was really pleased with the options, and ordered a tuna salad that had perfectly grilled ahi and enough for me to enjoy for two lunches. Still, I had no idea where it was until yesterday, when I decided to hit up the Sweetbay shopping center for some stuff for the class I TA. There, where the EVOs used to be, is SoFresh, next to the other lunch places I like to frequent, but shouldn't so often, WingStop and Tijuana Flats.

A salad sounded good, especially one that isn't merely romaine and iceberg with a few token veggies on top. I walked in to a very bright and airy restaurant, set up like many of the quick serve places that have cropped up. There's a large menu above the counter, and off white and green tables around the dining area. As I looked up at the menu, an employee brought me one of their take out menus, saying I would get a sore neck staring up at the choices.

He's right, because the choices are so plentiful, it could take a while. You can choose to make a custom salad or sandwich, chose from their favorites, or get a smoothie or health snack. Me, I opted for that salad I'd ordered last time, the Wicked tuna, but I opted to just get it without the ahi tuna this time. It was packaged up and ready to go in 3 minutes.

This one is a home run for me. Nice, crisp dark lettuce, a fresh apple cider vinaigrette, thin apple slices, some fresh wonton noodles and a few cherry tomatoes and onions. It was definitely plenty for a meal and all the ingredients were fresh and flavorful.

Now that I have the menu tucked in my laptop bag, I think some time will be spent looking it over more carefully to try something different, because I'm definitely heading back soon. Knowing that there's something healthy and tasty so close, it'd be hard not to make this one a habit.

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