I Have NO Idea

Once again, I walked into my nail appointment with Katie and didn't pick colors, nor did I have an idea of what I wanted. Apparently, she knew what was going on my nails, so I walked out with this:

In a bit of a departure from the norm, it seemed like there was a hubbub of activity while I was getting my nails done. Another client needed a toenail fix while I was having the old color soaked off and the three of us chatted the entire time I was there. Then, one of hairstylists came over and asked Katie if she'd take her client's credit card because she didn't realize that it was cash only at the salon. So, it made my visit seem like no time had passed at all, but I was rather distracted and don't even know what colors I have on my nails!

I will say this, the base color is OPI, maybe A Good Man-darin Is Hard to Find, the top light glitter is Shellac's Gold VIP Status and then the ring fingers are the Shellac Effects glitter. It's funny that I don't know what is on my nails. It's outside my norm, but it looks good!


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