Random Acts of Kindness

Recently, a friend 'in the computer' and I were talking about headphones, another friend joined in the conversation and mentioned a company in England that sells really nice ones and off I went, following the link shared. Soon, I found an adorable pair, probably not what you'd expect to see someone in Florida wearing, as they are fur lined and covered with a nice teal cable knit cover. An offer was made to send me the headphones, I declined. They're really nice, but not inexpensive. Both computers have decent headsets with microphones on them that thankfully, the kids don't mess with.

Earbuds and plug in headphones are another story, though. Even buying pink ones didn't keep them from swiping mine. If I didn't hate pink and greatly dislike Hello Kitty, I would probably have resolved the issue with those a long time ago.

Then the other day, the friend said, "I went to John Lewis, I need your address to post these headphones to you." She just went ahead and bought them and refuses payment, because she's a big proponent of the random act of kindness. I must admit, the news had me smiling for a long time. It was just a nice thing to do, and those types of things are few and far between. But it made me realize how other people feel when I do that sort of thing, like lending out my scooter to friends visiting at Disney who are like me, unable to travel the parks without some sort of transport.

Today, conversation moved to favorite authors and I was asked who mine were, as I'd said that three of mine have new books out and lesson learned, I am not buying them until the semester is over so I don't get tempted away from the pile of schoolwork. Another member of the group was interested in one of the authors, as she'd heard of Marian Keyes before. I suggested starting the Walsh sisters books in order, and looked over at my bookshelf to the left-and spotted two copies of the first book. Long forgotten, I found a great bargain on eBay of a lot of Marian Keyes books that filled in the gaps I'd had and had two duplicates-all for the price of one new trade paperback. Now I had the chance to pay it forward, too.

Perhaps the cool part is that there's a crafy idea that's been bubbling around in my head for a while for both of these ladies, as well as a few more in the group. The question was how I was going to get the addresses to surprise them. Now I'll get to keep the RAK going during the semester break.


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