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A little over a month ago, my employer had a food truck rally for homecoming week. It was such a success, and with nothing but a bookstore available for students to grab food quickly, the decision was made to see if we could have a food truck show up several days a week.

The response was overwhelming, and soon, we were told we'd have TWO food trucks four days a week. As a result, I've been remiss on my intentions to bring sandwich makings and prepare my own lunch every day. However, this means that I can give you a recap of a bunch of mobile food options if you're in the Tampa area, with links to whatever social media they're using to inform their fans where they'll be.

A quick word about that: due to the nature of being a moveable feast, championing social media avenues to have a crowd waiting is essential. Some listed here are fantastic at it, others haven't quite gotten the hang-but I'll share what is current. If there is no link, there is no social media source at present.

Just Smokin' BBQ

Oh my gosh, the smell is intoxicating and the 'que is darn good. I got the Elvis, a Pulled Pork sandwich with slaw , and their Memphis gold sauce on top. The slaw was nice, vinegary, and the sauce had a nice heat to it. Definitely would do this one again, even with doing a good que of my own at home.

Just Smokin' BBQ on Urbanspoon

The Roaming Gourmand

(Not on Urban Spoon yet, I think I need to fix that).

I tried the Empanadas, which were a seasoned ground beef that had a nice little burn going on, and the Chip's Chips, which came with a roasted onion dipping sauce. I would go for more of those chips and lots more of that dip. Coworkers raved about that spinach artichoke grilled cheese, and if not for a desire to try all the different trucks, I would have had that earlier this week.

Rolling Zoinks

I'm not typically a fan of wraps. That said, I got the Oink, and it was a winner. You have your choice of sauce, and it is expertly wrapped with fresh grilled veggies. I saw they had a green curry sauce, which I adore-but I was informed that the flavors wouldn't play nicely together, so I got the Bang Bang.

In a word, YUM.

The vegetables were fantastic, fresh, with the hint of grilled char, and the pork nicely shredded. I'd contemplated getting the Scallywag, which it ends up the woman waiting in line before me (as the first customer of the day), told me she gets EVERY time she travels to Rolling Zoinks. Apparently, they know her so well that they just ask if she wants large or small.

I got the small and struggled to finish it. Your mileage may vary.

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Michelle Faedo's On The Go

I'd heard about these amazing Deviled Crabs for weeks after the first food truck rally on the USF Health Campus (I was dining at Acropolis with a friend that day). When I found out that Michelle Faedo's was the place that had them, I was all for it.

Long time readers of my blog know that crabcakes are one of my specialties, and deviled crab is a very similar cousin. Heck, I keep Cholula in my desk drawer and was prepared to enjoy this treat. What I didn't realize is that the bags that contained my Deviled crab and fries had packets already, but I went with my favorite.

The fries were seasoned with a sweet/savory blend that kind of reminded me of my pork rub. The portion was huge, especially so for someone like me, who typically eats half of a McDonald's order.

Emblazoned on the side of the truck is "voted all of Florida's best Cubans 2012 and 2013," but it doesn't say who deemed them the best. (Hey, I want proof). That said, I'm not a huge Cuban fan and there's a place in Lakeland that knocks my socks off on that front. Unfortunately, a coworker lived in Miami before living in Tampa and is a Cuban expert. She was less than thrilled with the Cuban (stating the ratios of the ingredients was way off-and there was MAYO! on a Cuban!), but she loved the Deviled Crab.

I'm definitely up for going back for the crab...

Michelle Faedo's on the Go on Urbanspoon

The Cheesesteak Truck

When I walked out to the parking lot yesterday, this SMELLED incredible. It was rather intoxicating, and drew me away from my plans to try that Spinach Artichoke Grilled cheese with another side of Chip's chips. Alas, that bottle of cholula I mentioned? It got a workout. My 'wit' didn't have a lot of cheese or onions, but the Amoroso roll was really good.

I'm willing to give them another shot, but not the Cheesesteak. I guess living somewhat close to the city of Brotherly Love may have spoiled me on this one.

The Cheesesteak Truck on Urbanspoon

I Wanna Wok

I Wanna Wok's review from the initial food truck rally was complete raves. Everyone was talking about the Bang Bang Shrimp. They've been here after we started the two trucks a day, but I was swayed by the Rolling Gourmand's Empanadas.

As good as those were, I got three Bao Bun delicacies and I think I am in love. I got the Headbanger's Bao with Shrimp with cabbage and bang bang sauce, the Hawaii Five Ohhh, with barbeque chicken, peanut sauce and cilantro, and the Meatallica, with bulgogi beef and some amazing kimchi. All of these were served on bao buns, which were pillow like tortillas of awesomeness, and the best description is that they are like Korean sticky buns that have been rolled out.

I think I have a new winner on the food truck front-if all the food trucks were in front of me, I think this would be my first pick. All of these bao buns were top notch and the quality was impressive.

I Wanna Wok on Urbanspoon

More reports as I try the different trucks...


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