What, Me? Barhopping?

The last time I could recall visiting more than one bar in an evening was in 1988, when I lived on Long Island. Then I remembered one of the rare occasions when I went out with coworkers to a going away dinner and then visiting various bars on Market Street in Frederick. We visited three bars in 30 minutes and heard three different bands perform 'Shine' in 30 minutes as well!..

Well, last night, Ed got home from work and had the hankering for another visit to Brass Tap. Meanwhile, I was meeting with friends on a start up venture (that isn't mine, but involves me), so the idea wasn't to come to fruition.

However, while we were wrapping up tonight's bar shop, he expressed a desire to go to Brass Tap, and so we did. We both felt like reckless youth. The kind who only have low APV drinks with good flavor and leave a place without a buzz.

It was a good idea. I think we found a local favorite.


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