Crunchier Than I Thought

I don't consider myself a huge alternative medicine person. Which is to say, if there is an option, I'll give it a try, but generally, I do not go out of my way to use them. Today, I came to a realization that I use them far more than I'd realized.

I awoke with a headache. Now, my migraines present in one part of the skull, the Chiari headaches are different from those, and I'll get sinus headaches. Today's headache was on the right side, just behind the ear. I attributed it to the dental work and figured that I should get something in my stomach and take some Aleve.

So, I did that, and it didn't work. I also had some headache specific caplets in my desk, so I took those two hours later and still had no success. That's where alternatives come in-I heated my thermalon and wrapped it around my head. Heat or ice can help, and heat didn't do it.

Which left me with the thought of going to track down some migraine ice pads. Alas, I had no success, but in the effort, it struck me that I put more stock in the non-drug treatments than the analgesics. I do the same with the leg, too. While I have medications for the flareups, those usually go untouched in favor of soaks and the thermalon or other methods of pain relief.


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