A Week to Go Live

My iBook project at work is almost ready for student rollout. This means that we'll have a bunch of students each take a chapter and give feedback for what they like and don't like, or even features they would add to the content to help them retain the information.

I have to create a Qualtrex quiz to embed in each chapter, but that's ridiculously easy. You know those online quizzes you take for retailers? It will be like that, but the same quiz with encoding for me to know which chapter the respondent is reporting on.

The hard part is going back and redoing the first two chapters. They're not hard, per se, it's just that what was created is really difference from what I'm doing. What I do is mostly educational theory, but enough of it is design that the developer's style comes through. Even Ed said after seeing a chapter and a half that he sees my style emerging in what I create.

Those chapters were made by someone who has such a different style, who didn't take the time to explore all the functionality as it relates to sound educational theory. In the past six weeks, a lot of what I do has become automatic, and I'd forgotten that that the first two chapters took much longer and weren't using the design principles that should be front and center for education. It is really hard to look at them. What's sad is that there were chapters created by someone who is NOT an instructional designer and they were much better.

It'll be good to get the feedback from the students to see if I'm on the right track with the elements I added to supplement content.


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