Marathon Development Session

In the past three days, I've logged 18 extra hours of work to completely redo the first three chapters of the iBook project. It is now uploading.

While physically and mentally, that pace is brutal, emotionally, I feel elated. The quirks of the iBook Author are known quantities, so I was able to create a chapter from lousy source external source material in 25 hours and then take a chapter that didn't have a powerpoint and a jumbled mess of information and put it into order. The many semesters of being anal retentive about my lecture notes is the primary reason why I put this chapter together in 16 hours.

Now, to go have a beer-I'm wiped out! At least I have a three day weekend to recover-and another 9 hours of comp time (that probably will become 11 once I finesse the upload) to show for it!


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