The Benefits of Blogging Redux

One of my classes this semester is throwing me off, in that all of the assignments are due SATURDAY night. The other class, as well as the class I TA, the assignments are due Monday morning, and most online classes I've taken have Sunday due dates. This is because in graduate studies, you have an extraordinarily high number of students who work full time and attend classes part time. (The doctoral level class? Not one full time student this time around-we all have full time jobs.)

So, my head is having a hard time accepting the fact that the work is due Saturday nights.

Meanwhile, tonight's the due date for a SIX page paper. Have I started it yet? No.

Am I worried? No.

The reason is that it is a review of two articles, when I've read many on the topic. I just need to synthesize the information into one paper, the rubric is a piece of cake and well, after writing the blog (and editing work for others, to be quite honest) I don't feel like this is a big deal. Six pages will take me about an hour to write, because I have the nuggets of information brewing.

And this is definitely attributable to blogging, where I'll have ideas for posts bouncing around in my head for days.

I'm really thinking that I should turn Chef onto blogging as he enters high school, as it really does change your mindset!


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