Until I turned 40, I really didn't have much time wearing glasses. There were a few times were I was given reading glasses, but they were pretty weak and I could pretty much go without. Then, when I turned that magic number, it seemed like my eyesight fell apart. I got glasses, then a year later, slightly stronger glasses.

All the reading I do for school probably has accelerated the decline of my vision. Glasses aren't really all that annoying, except for when I'm taking pictures. I smash my glasses against my face far too many times, either breaking the glasses or bruising myself. The plan was to see about getting contacts once I had a vision plan and the money to pay for them.

Well, that came to fruition yesterday. I had an exam and spent almost 2 hours trying to get some contacts into my eyes. The employee helping me was great, the optometrist realized that the problem probably wasn't me, but the lenses after watching me make yet another attempt. So, I got slightly firmer lenses-and got those into my eye pretty darn quick.

Only problem is that the brand they gave me has an intermediate bifocal, and all they had in stock was a stronger prescription. Soooo, I have contacts that are good for distance, and for reading closer than normal. As a result, I'm not going to be wearing these every day, just when I don't have to be at work-because it will be impossible to read my screen where I have it placed. In a week, however, I'll have another set of tester lenses to make sure these are the right ones for me.

The first thing to adjust to? The usual afternoon storm here in Florida had me thinking "oh crap, I'm going to need to clean off my glasses", but that wasn't necessary. We'll see how often they get worn once I have the right strength.


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