Timing is Everything

The temporary crown is giving me fits today. Like majorly annoying fits.

Good thing it is getting an eviction notice tomorrow!


Sigh. I know the feeling. I just had a crown replaced, I've got a brand new crown in my mouth. I'm in the process of replacing a second crown, I have a temporary one right now. And I have a third crown that will be replaced next visit. And to make matters worse, Becca broke a tooth and needs a crown....
Suzanne said…
Ugh! I just have the one.

I know what my issue is with this. The dentist discouraged me from flossing until the permanent is in, so I probably have something small stuck between it and the tooth in front, not large enough to be obvious, but enough to be a pain.

They're doing a full exam and consult before that crown is put on, let's see how much work they say I should get. At least the dental insurance I picked is really good!
that's why I love my Water Pik.

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