I'm usually the first one to work every morning. However, now that the kids are out of school, my boss usually arrives a little before or a little after me. Today, she got in about 7 and was surprised that I wasn't there.

One of my coworkers came in at her usual time and was surprised that I wasn't at my desk. She went to the boss and asked "Where's Suzanne?" and boss thought that maybe I'd asked for the day off and she forgot. Still, she was a little concerned and texted me and pinged me on Facebook.

I was still sleeping.

I woke just before 9am! Yikes! I'd thought I set my alarm, but I did it with my glasses off-and apparently I hadn't done so.

So, in four months, they expect me to be the first one there, which is good. Then, at 3pm, the boss told everyone to go home, because she doesn't feel right leaving on a Friday and expecting her staff to stay. I said I'd stay and get my hours in. She insisted I didn't have to do that, but I have that deadline and I felt guilty.

It was strange to be the last to leave by a lot, but hey, I like having that reputation for being there AND for doing my work as promised.

And I won't set my alarm without my glasses again...


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