The Friends in the Computer

I have a lot of friends in the computer. Part of it is from being an early adopter of the pre-WWW Prodigy (aka *P), CompuServe, bulletin boards, and the like. In my Facebook friends list, I have a few friends who date back to online friendships made as early as 1993. If only I can find the two really good *P friends, I'd go back to '91. However, the vast majority of these online friends were made about ten years ago.

Still, thanks to the computer, I got back in touch with people from high school, a few here, a few there. People I really enjoyed hanging around with back then, but never got to know outside of school. Enter Facebook and a mutual friend or three (or 15!) and the next thing you know, you're interacting regularly and realizing 'holy crap, I had no idea how much we actually had in common besides growing up in the same town.' Let's just say that my brand of humor is appreciated by a lot of those people.

Recently, one posted a song by an artist, Tim Minchin. I'd never heard of the man, the title struck me and I clicked the link and laughed my ass off for several minutes. It was cutting, intellectual, and so raucously filthy that I was hooked. I thanked the friend and then he shared the name of the other song he wanted to post, but didn't because he was sure it would offend. Well, I have to agree, but I loved that one, too.

Since last week, I think I have listened to everything Tim Minchin you can find on YouTube, a few many times. I have the refrain of one of the songs running through my head at least once a day and because I can picture Ed singing the same lines, it cracks me up. However, for all the stuff that I love and many would find offensive, the man has a gift for some very sensitive serious songs, too. The name will sound familiar to those Broadway fans-he scored Matilda.

One autobiographical song...(with a few f-bombs.)

This one cracks me up, but NSFW
As far as the serious songs, I have a trio I adore, but this one is today's favorite...
It is great to have those friendships in the computer, but when they share something that I end up enjoying as much as one of them do, well that's a nice bonus...


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