Some Things That Tip Your Hand as a Tech Doofus

The guy in IT makes a mistake and creates a dummy help ticket and sends it to EVERYONE at work. If you were one of the 70 who replied to the 'test-please disregard' email saying 'why did I get this?', you might be the tech doofus-because your message also went reply all. Yep, approximately 70 doofuses.

You have big dreams of becoming a blogger. It's your ticket to fame and fortune. Except, you start it with a bunch of posts all at once and then don't post another thing ever. Then you keep on pointing people to that blog you're so proud of, but you haven't posted anything new. Instead of looking awesome, you just look like a clueless hack. Post on a regular basis or don't keep using social media to point people to the same couple of posts that were there the last time they looked at your blog. If you don't know how to add new posts, look at the help offered by your blog host. Another tech doofus.

You got a new computer-five years ago. However, you're still using Internet Explorer, the browser that Microsoft hasn't updated and developers do not bother testing to ensure their stuff works on it. Then you complain that you can't get the software/Facebook/synchronous class lecture to work on your machine. You are also a tech doofus. (If I have one suggestion, go with Chrome. As much as I like Firefox, Chrome is easy on noobs.)


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