What's For Dinner Wednesday

Saturday morning, after I left my Spanish lesson, I made a quick trip to Lakeland's Curb Market. One of the bonuses of meeting downtown on Saturday morning is this little gem.

My favorite bread lady wasn't there, but I still enjoyed talking with a local photographer and visiting the vendors who had fresh veggies. That started the inspiration for today's meal, because I had some great pole beans and red bliss potatoes to pair with whatever we were to dine on tonight.

In his travels, Ed saw some Dungeness crab legs for what was really wholesale prices. A quick trip to pick some up today, and that was tonight's meal.

The thing is, I've used crab meat before, but never actually cooked crab legs or whole crabs. Half of them got steamed in a jury-rigged contraption over the boiling potatoes, while the rest were roasted in the oven. Ridiculously easy!

The best part? Chef (a/k/a Crustacean Kid) did his own crab picking and mom and dad are now off the hook when we dine out.

Yesterday, we had a nice lunch at our favorite spot, Romeo's. Ed and I enjoyed a nice lunch without the kids hogging the bread or the dessert. It IS our Cheers, and after we'd finished, the lure of the specialty pizzas called my camera. Guiseppe encouraged me to get some pictures of the sfogliatele, too. How can one resist a dessert that looks like this?

I know which dessert I'm getting on the next trip!


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