Shaking Things Out

I went over to Disney today with a friend, with the goal of taking pictures and getting used to the new camera. I ended up with a lot of great pictures, a lot of mediocre pictures and wore myself out.

Yesterday was the last day of Mickey's Toontown. Originally meant to last five years, the location survived more than fifteen. Heck, somewhere around here, I have pictures Ed and I took on our honeymoon, sitting in the chairs on Minnie's lanai. It was good to get some pictures for posterity.

These are the RAW images, I haven't had time to play with Bridge to crop anything yet.

The soon to be gone sign that announces Toontown.
Minnie's house.
I've always liked Edward Hopper's Nighthawks. This is a cute interpretation of the painting.
If there are flowers, I will shoot them.

When the conductor noticed my camera pointed at her, she kept waving until I gave a thumbs up.
A half hour later, when the next train arrived, I had to get this view, because it won't be seen for another year or so.
While this sign is above Goofy's Barnstormer, the same could be said about me.

In addition to tweaking my skills with a new camera, I also learned to tweak my amount of time in the park. My shelf life is apparently 3 hours, because things were manageable until then. We'll find out when I go next time.


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