For my Internet in Education class, we're instructed to do a lot of little assignments that are designed to give students a good tour of what's out there in the big, wide, web. Tonight, I worked with one of the other blogging websites, Weebly.

If you've been reading blogs for ages, contemplated jumping in and writing your own, but haven't yet-don't use Weebly.

I've had this Blogger account for over five years, have a Live Journal blog, an account on MySpace and a couple of other sites that are now defunct. ALL of these sites are more user friendly than the Weebly site.

My main gripe is that with Blogger, I have so much flexibility with where I can place text and pictures. I can use HTML if I choose or a hybrid format (my preferred) of text and code. Adding pictures is a piece of cake, with one minor quirk (if posting five pictures, the one you want to display first is the last entered). While I've never posted pictures with either MySpace or LiveJournal, they also have straightforward publishing interfaces.

With Weebly, I posted a picture. All I could do was resize it or align it within a block the width of the window. I could not overlay a text block. If I chose to use a picture with paragraph block, the picture would come up as a dreaded red X unless I uploaded the picture first, then enter the text.

Unlike here, a comment box doesn't automatically populate with the post. Instead, users have to add one-but you can't put it immediately after the last line of text.

If it was my first effort into blogging, I doubt I would have lasted very long. Meanwhile, the few things I put up took twice as long as they should have (and about 5 times as long as putting the same material on this blog.

Sorry, Weebly, you've wobbled AND fallen down!


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