Reality Not as Planned

Today's objective was to go spend 20 minutes dropping off paperwork for Jane's QIT account, then spend the rest of the time sorting the crap in her apartment. I would pack it in around 3, pick up Game Teen and then head home to study.

Called the financial company and discovered that they required a certified check from Jane's account (oops, didn't get the PoA situation cleared up with them), proof of her pension and SSDI (okay, have those), Jane and my driver's licenses.


For three days now, I've been trying to locate Jane's little plastic thingy with her cards in it and her phone. Nursing home said they didn't have it, I looked through her stuff quickly the other day. There's only one bag of belongings at the hospital and it's not in there. Visited both places, and this time, the nurse assigned to her found the property receipt from last Thursday. These items were taken away in the ER and locked up.

Forty five minutes later, I have the items and have had Jane telling me she's going home after all this is done, that she wanted a Whopper and a shake (thinking I was just going to drop everything and get it), found that her debridement was canceled because her blood is still way too thin and that her case of MDR-A bacterial infection is pretty scary to the infectious disease guy. She has Acinetobacter baumannii, and doesn't seem to think it's that big a deal. Jane also dropped trou (or rather, hospital gown) and was pulling down her undergarment to show me the ulceration, not understanding that I don't want to see it.

Oh, and as I left the unit, this couple leaves the room next door and the wife comments "oh, it's so nice that she FINALLY has someone visiting her." I mentioned that I've been, maybe not at the same time and have many Jane related obligations pressing on my time. Ends up their family member has VRE and they'd been told it was NOT good. Yeah, I can relate-but the comment peeved me a bit.

Sure, I'll stay and hold her hand while I'm in anti-contamination gear, but who's going to get everything packed and moved while Ed's at work? We don't have house elves to join in.

I forgot how much my body hates moving. More like, I've been ignoring the pain for the past week and today, it became very hard to ignore. Just a few more days of this crap and maybe I can track down a jacuzzi to live in for a month.

Now, I have her phone. She has not installed one single app on it except for the two I found the charges for on the AT&T bill. It's interesting to see what she has tried to text message people. One got axed the day I called about the bill and she got a text from them "UR now unsubscribed from Mobile Pimp Zone Mobile Quiz Club." Seriously, you though that getting something from the Pimp Zone was a good idea, Jane?

Tomorrow, more fun on the apartment awaits. Yay.


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