Friday, February 25, 2011

Tangent, Anyone?

In the pursuit of degrees beyond the current one, I had a meeting on campus today. Afterwards, I mentioned to Ed that Dr. Smith and I spoke about my plans. He had a question for me "Did you ask him why he stowed away?"

Nope, he wasn't Zachary Smith.

However, I revealed to Ed something that I thought when I was very small. In watching "Lost in Space" with my siblings, then later watching "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood," I was confused. See if you might understand.

This is Lady Elaine Fairchilde:

And this is Doctor Zachary Smith:

Do you have any question why a preschooler might wonder how the guy was a puppet on one show and a real person on another?

You probably now have questions on whether I really am up for the challenge of a doctoral program, don't you!

1 People talked back:

Anon said...

In episode "The Toymaker", about 29 minutes in, Dr Smith has his nose and cheeks painted red like Lady Elaine.