Hell Week Ahead

Look into my planner and see that I'm just a little busy this week:

Teacher meeting for Chef at 8:15. Yay.
Mystery shop of yummy seafood restaurant
Class at 5pm

Clean out Jane's apartment and prepare for upcoming sale of things that she's not going to need/won't fit into the already stuffed to the gills garage
Then a boatload of school work

More cleaning
More schoolwork

Meet with academic adviser to sign my grad school contract
Have moving sale at Jane's place so that the people who work there can buy some of it
More schoolwork

Finish moving sale
More schoolwork

Hello? Three projects due in one class Monday (two are group assignments)
Try to read for one of the other classes
Write up summary report for one of those group assignments
Firm up the presentation graphics for the other one.

Get Goodwill to take whatever we haven't moved out of her place/turn in keys
Print out the summary report

That's not even factoring in that Jane's doctor has now ordered a third set of labs because they can't figure out what is causing the low platelets. When I spoke to a nurse tonight, she was in radiology, getting some CTs of her arm and hip, because she's complaining of extreme pain when anyone touches her.

Meanwhile, she no longer moves in the bed unless someone does it, nor does she eat more than a few bites fed to her.

I'm thinking the inevitable is coming very soon, even sooner than I expected.


JW said…
GOsh Suzanne, I see you have all kinds of free time. What are you going to do with it? wink! just teasing. You need get a a shirt made saying I survived the week of Feb 21st, ask me about it lol

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