How Many Times Does One Person Have to Call?

Apparently, if I don't answer my phone quick enough for someone's liking, I get five calls in about two hours.

Was someone dying? No. Was a house on fire? No. Was someone bleeding to death? No. Were bathroom ninjas about to attack? No. (but the cat does stand watch for those.)

Yeah, five calls. One that had 30 seconds of silence and a "Hi Sweetie, it's me". Three that had varying amounts of silence and the last one was a peeved "Nevermind. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

I was on campus, assisting at a graduate event that's kind of important to my future plans. A lesson was learned a while back with her-turn your ringer off if you're doing anything slightly important. Of course, as soon as I was done, I found the procession of messages and called back as I walked to the car.

She answered, I asked what was going on. She copped a bit of an attitude until I said I was at school. "Oh, Sorry." Seems she's been moved to her permanent room and her roommate is 'weird' and does strange stuff. And you're not weird to her with Barney purple hair and 7 teeth?

"My bed isn't a hospital bed. I need my hospital bed," in a tone that indicated she expected us to drop everything and take care of things. The response was that I'd see what Ed's schedule was like tomorrow to see if he could bring her the one she has (I later realized that she can ask them to change out the bed from their existing supplies). "I need my TV." "I want a refrigerator."

I guess this is what life will be like with us having the PoA.

Oh, and apparently, we said we'd take her to Walt Disney World. At least that's what she told Betsy. That's not happening if she can't get in and out of the van OR if she's going to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Why waste $100 bucks on a ticket for someone who is going to sleep through the day.

One thing's for certain, she's going to keep us on our toes.



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