I don't consider myself an educator. Trainer, yes. Teacher? Maybe on a good day. However, the coursework I am studying is contained in the college of Education, so for all intents and purposes, my degree will indicate that I'm an educator when I am done.

It's a transformation that I'm slowly accepting.

Take tonight's class for instance. We were looking at common issues in the classroom and in groups, brainstorming on ways to avoid them. I come to the discussions as a parent and a special needs advocate. But as the semester progresses, I've noticed that I've started to apply the big picture mentality needed in my previous career to the discussions on teaching.

It was the same with the paper that was due today. While the topic was my choice, applying the educational perspective to it was a requirement. Two months ago, I may not have slipped into the educator shoes so easily, but now? It's making sense.

It's very exciting to recognize the changes, even as they are occurring.


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