Since yesterday, I spent an obscene amount of time reviewing Photoshop articles for class, attended a class in which an amazing photojournalist spent two hours netting down the important features of that program for us. Then I came home and wrote my first 'real' grad school paper. Oh, and I colored my hair.

This morning, up before the sun to get showered, dressed really nice, drove to Tampa and spent the day interviewing five more candidates for that committee I'm on. (Frankly, three of those people probably were unable to fly back home today). Then back on campus for another three hour class, the one which I submitted my prose at 11pm last night.

It was already graded. The professor who wrote in her syllabus that we'll get B's in her class gave me an A. That stupid syllabus gave me writer's block because if above average work gets a B, then how is my undergrad A writing going to measure up. I'm sure hoping this is a good sing.

And I am so very sore from sitting in chairs that push on the neurological hot spots for 12 hours.

At least tomorrow's Photoshop marathon can be spent on a couch, with my legs elevated.


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