Yay, Cake

I've got several posts knocking around my head that will see the light of day in the next week or so, but Game Teen decided that he'd work on sharing his nasty cold.

I am whipped.

Meanwhile, a plan I had months ago actually came together on Sunday. I'd called a bakery in Tampa to price out making a lemon cake with apricot filling and discovered that a simple 8" two layer cake would be considerably expensive.

When Ed and I married, I let him decide exactly what he wanted and gosh, it was good.
We inadvertently ordered more than we needed (40 guests, ordered a cake to feed 50, but it probably fed 80) and as a result, we spent most of the week of our honeymoon feasting on that cake. Well, you're supposed to drink honey, I suppose it wasn't too far off.

So, for the 12 years since we consumed the top layer, my husband has mentioned that wonderful cake. However, we live in Florida, where bakeries, real honest to God bakeries, are few and far between. I figured it wasn't happening.

Then Sunday rolled around. Chef and I worked at the Scout fundraiser, where a fellow student of my university that I'd met at a conference noticed me attired in the shirt I got at the conference and commented on it. She'd donated 200 portions of cake to the fundraiser and I recalled that she runs a bakery out of her home (fully licensed and everything).

Somehow, the conversation got around to the cake I was looking to give Ed and she said Tuesday was PLENTY of time to make one for us.

She went above and beyond on this beauty. I only wanted the lemon cake with apricot filling and didn't even need it to be decorated. She insisted that it was a special occasion and had to be spectacular.

It was.

Next time, I think I need to order a bigger cake.

Happy Anniversary, Hon. I hope this one lived up to the original for you. ♡


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