Two Years of Cooking School

And Chef really doesn't do that much cooking. Oh, he knows way more about food pairings and what will taste good together more than any 11 year old should, but he doesn't put his knowledge into actually using the stove or oven.

Until tonight, that is. After a Game Teen requested meal of homemade burgers (chimichurri salt and pepper on them) and an ABC salad, I got the ubiquitous Chef needs dessert signal. The mouth open, puppy dog eyes, quivery lip and index finger pointing to an empty mouth.

This time, though, I told him that he was perfectly capable of opening a box of brownie mix and cooking them himself. So he did, see?

Of course, they would not be Chef's creation without monkeying with them. Peanut butter, special dark and white chocolate chips and marshmallows on top.

He did good.

I think I piqued his interest when I said that I don't use the boxes, that mine are made from scratch (those are in there when there is no time and Ed is jonesing for chocolate) and use way more vanilla. I suspect that next week, the child will be asking for that recipe.

Brownies, the gateway drug to getting the kids cooking in the kitchen...


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