The First Day of School, or "Neither Kid was in Dress Code"

We were out of town when both boys schools held their Orientations last week. No biggie, right?

Yeah, that. Chef's school hasn't updated their site in two years, nor did they mail out any information ahead of time. None at all, not even BUS information that would be useful. (When I called this morning, I was told "Oh, we gave those all out at the Orientation." Nice.) I did get a nice voice mail on Thursday that informed me that the students would not be using lockers and could not bring back packs to school, but they could bring 'binders with straps' to better carry their belongings.

Ends up the child was supposed to wear a school logo t-shirt in a color other than what he was wearing this morning, all the better to recognize that a 6th grader is intruding into the 8th grade domain (and vice-versa)

He's got the binder, he's got the 'tude, I think he's ready for middle school!

Game Teen's school director had told me when he had the shadow day last April that they didn't have a rigid dress code. So, I let him pick out his clothes this morning. Heck, the kid who doesn't care about clothes and hates changing them (thank you, sensory processing disorder) called out from his bed last night that he wanted to wear the pictured shirt this morning. He cared about what he wore!

So, his first day of high school was not nearly as anxiety producing as for millions of students across Florida today.

Nerves of steel, all because he got to wear a 'Tron' t-shirt to school.

As for me, if it's green and has something USF on it, it will always be in dress code! (Thanks to Chef for not cutting my head off in the picture!) Alas, I only have myself to blame for the dorky, turtle-neck pose.

We all had good, but tiring days. I'm the only one with homework, though. The professor I followed to Tampa this semester (after two on my campus) may be teaching what looks to be a fascinating class on a topic I never would have contemplated taking if she wasn't the instructor. The other class also looks very good. Not a bad start to my final undergrad semester!


meghan said…
you look so excited to be going to school--what's wrong with you? lol

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