Como se dice "I must be nuts to think I understand this language" En Español?

This semester, I'm in Honors Spanish.

Not because I am required to take it, but because I adore the professor and I've learned a lot in two previous semesters. Heck, a year ago, I'd look at those advertisements in Spanish that are everywhere in Florida and I actually understand them. The signs in the NY Subway system? No problemo.

Then, I sat down for the first class of semestre tercera. O M G! A mi profesora hablaba solamente en español. For 80 minutes. I think I understood about 50 percent of what was said, but was able to pick up the context of what she was saying.

And my fall back, the recorder that tapes lectures, so that I can listen to them in the car? Well, it was on lock and I didn't realize this until we were 45 minutes into the lecture. There I was, focusing so hard on trying to figure things out, but not freaking out because there was a tape to listen to later-BUT I DIDN'T RECORD IT!

This is the third semester with this instructor (and another class, too), so I know what to expect. The flip side is that she knows what I'm capable of, so there will be no slacking off.

It would be ironic that the class that I'm taking for pleasure is the one that will force me to work the hardest...


LceeL said…
Debo estar loca para pensar entiendo este lenguaje.
Empecé a estudiar español en el séptimo grado. En el primer día de clase en el 9no grado, el Sr. Valentín nos dijo "Hoy es el último día que me oirás hablar Inglés." Y luego nos dijo que ya no estaban autorizados a utilizar el Inglés, ya sea, a menos que se pide la traducción de una palabra o frase, y luego tendría que usar esa palabra o frase en español. Daba miedo, pero sobrevivimos.

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