Safe Places

I done did it again, as Ed is fond of saying (no, he hasn't lived south of the Mason-Dixon for fifteen years).

Once again, I put something in such a good safeplace that I can't find it. I'm preparing to take a CLEP exam next month, but the study guide I purchased earlier this summer to help me prepare for the test is nowhere to be found. It probably went walkabout, knowing the plan all along was to read it in mid-August.

I could go to my fallback, the Western Civilization IICLEP guide that I'd purchased the previous semester, but that one is such a dry read compared to the American History book. However, if I don't find it by noon tomorrow, then I guess I'm taking a different book with me-and taking a different exam, too.


Jason D. said…
Hi Suzanne. I came across your blog, and saw your post about your CLEP study guide. I took a lot of CLEP exams in college, so it's always cool to see other people doing that. I know what you mean about not being able to find a study book...that's always frustrating. One cool thing that I found was online study guides...that you can never lose. They were also extremely helpful. The best ones I found were SpeedyPrep ones. ( ) They're really good, and they guarantee you'll pass. I did pass Natural Sciences using them, in only one week of study. I know they have both Western Civs and US Historys. Anyhow, sorry for the long comment, but I hope it helps you out quite a bit!

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