Thank You, Food Network!

First off, a blogger with a different point of view won NFNS. Yay, Aarti.

My favorite pretty much from the first week, Tom, is getting a show, too! While it's not actually him in the kitchen cooking, I'll take what I can get. Who knows? Many FN stars do double duty, and it'd be cool if Tom eventually did the same.

Where does this leave Herb? I am so hoping another announcement is coming, say from Cooking. I love latin foods, and I do a pretty good job of cooking and eating it. To learn how to make it less fattening without losing the wonderful flavors? Sign me up.

I mean, the guy had me drooling over a frittata and I hate eggs. Seriously, when I get back home, I may end up making a scaled down version of the recipe in the smallest skillet I have and see if adding all that good stuff to them can convert an egg-hater!

So, Food Network, thank you for the two shows-can we please have a third?


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