Suzanne's Soundtrack Sunday

Now that I'm back to school, it's time to resurrect SSS.

This past summer has been an awakening of sorts for Chef. Always musically aware and having his own distinct musical tastes, there is a noticeable shift lately. We probably can thank the video games to an extent.

With the purchase of a new game system came a used copy of a game "Brutal Legend," which is heavily packed with the major players of heavy metal, such as Lemmy Kilmister and Ozzy Osbourne. The kid ate up all the classic music coming his way, some of it he'd heard in the past-but much he had not.

Other games for this system featured other classic rock, heavy metal and even classical music, all of which were either sung or whistled by Chef throughout the summer. It probably would surprise him when Mom or Dad would sing along and know the song, or in my case, I'd find the track on You Tube and play him the full version of these tunes.

In addition to the game system as a source of discovery of new (to him) music, Chef's later summer bedtime allowed him to watch quite a few documentaries from Palladia. His hunger for these programs is insatiable, with him asking good, insightful questions.

Early Sunday morning, Ed noticed that the Rush documentary "Beyond the Gilded Cage" was on and he captured it on the DVR, with plans to watch it last night. (This has been on my 'I hope someone buys it for me list' since it was released). So, he got home from work and proceeded to play it.

For me, Rush is one of my first loves but has a lot of emotional baggage. I got pointed towards them when I was in 8th grade and soon purchased an LP of 'Moving Pictures.' However, the love of Rush is a major factor in how the ex-husband and I hooked up, and all but one Rush concert was attended with him. So for years, I couldn't listen. (and last night, I heard one song that I probably will not consciously listen to again, unfortunately.)

However, last night, once again, Chef was fascinated by the story of these musicians, but he was more caught up in the music. As he and I had an event with Scouts this morning, I promised that I'd bring along my all time favorite Rush album for him to hear (even though, honestly, he's heard most of the cuts individually on my various iPod mixes for a long time without realizing it).

It was quite interesting to see him get into the album as he played a video game while I tooled down I-4. He asked if I'd put it on his iPod for more listening, and that pleases me greatly. It can counteract the 'Paradise City' he also requested.

As for me, I want my own copy of that documentary. It is one of those things that Rush fans will want to watch over and over.


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