Three Days, Four Classes

Finally. I've now been to each class at least once.

Another semester of only female professors, the first where I'll be sitting in class for all of them, two repeat professors and it's looking pretty good. The good thing about taking five classes in a semester, then four over 10 weeks-four classes over 15 weeks doesn't seem so bad.

Tonight's class was with a professor that I've wanted to take classes with for three semesters, but she normally teaches on Tuesday nights. This semester, she added a Wednesday night, so here I am. While I wasn't in her classes, we've worked together on other things on campus.

She remembered a conversation from working graduation together last December, because she made an offhand comment "Suzanne's the IT person, she would know" when someone was having an email issue. That just blows me away.

So, the countdown to graduation begins:
15 weeks
60 chapters
4 classes
30 trips to Tampa

It's going to be a lot of FUN this semester.


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