Advice For Incoming College Students

One simple thing that will pay off big in your college experience:


Find at least one organization, activity or club on your campus that either is an interest you already have or one you want to know more about. Attend their meetings. If they offer training, outings or anything beyond the original scope of weekly meetings, do your best to participate.

I just spent a weekend with the STARS Alliance in Orlando, as my school was hosting this year's event. There was a large contingent from my school there, from all the organizations on campus-and it was an incredible experience. I participate in three four campus organizations, and it was cool to spend more time with people from my groups and others this weekend.

It seems that across the boards, the students who do get involved tend to be more successful academically. Think about it, you are more likely to meet up with others who are in the same classes and can study together or even ask a simple question about a lecture and get clarification.

Heck, there are a few professors teaching my major that, thanks to belonging to the groups, teach in a style that would frustrate me. I was saved from that because my club mates.

As you head on to campus in the next few weeks, find the groups and you'll find success.


JW said…
Interesting topic there Suzanne. My problem is how do you find out about any groups? I met a guy at the last charlas who meets with a psychology group from USF once a week, I think. He invited me to come. Other than that what is there?

ps, Even though I am doing liberal arts right and I am really thinking about going into computer network engineering. My head is swirling about it right now.

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