The Sign of a Good Recipe

When the menfolk fight over who will eat the leftovers, it's always a good sign.

For a month or so now, Chef has been nagging me to make a recipe he's seen on Food Network's "The Best Thing I Ever Ate." One of the very first episodes was "My Favorite Obsession," on which Aaron Sanchez extolled the virtues of his mama's Arroz con Crema, which is served at her Zarela restaurant.

Zarela Sanchez describes preparing it on the show and Chef was hooked. Rice, sour cream, cheddar, roasted poblanos, onions, and garlic and it is a creamy, rich side dish that complements the heat of a traditional Mexican meal. I have to admit it sounded really good to me, too, but it spoke to Chef.

Sunday night, I had most of the ingredients (I was missing the onions and poblanos), but I made do with a can of green chiles. The kid has good taste-it was fantastic. It was also ridiculously easy to make.

When I was leaving the house yesterday, Chef and Ed were arguing over who got the leftovers. Apparently, it resulted in a draw. Tonight, Ed came in from work and was hungry. "Where's the Wonder Rice?"

I guess I will be making that one again soon!


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