A Week With The MacBook Pro

It's a cute little thing. In a nod to the Spanish class, it was dubbed 'mi manzana,' and that appears to have stuck.

There are things to adjust to, but nothing too terribly annoying. For instance, at first, I was having a hard time reading the screen. Yes, I know I need new glasses, but did I need the computer to point that out for me? By accident, I quickly found that command and plus enlarges the text. Yay!

There is no page up as I'm used to. There is a command combo for that as well, but I'm not sure what it is yet. That will come soon.

I was trying to type an assignment in Word. For some reason, I'd expected it to be identical, which it is not. It's fine, but you know how you get used to using something a certain way for (almost) twenty years? The functionality is identical, but the cosmetics are different. Like driving a different car.

A friend's husband works for Microsoft and she explained that there are two different development teams for the two platforms. That was the light bulb statement-of course things will be different if different teams are making them. It's easier to customize the Mac version, which I'm doing, little by little.

This model is equipped with a ten hour battery. Your mileage may vary, but after calibration, I'm getting about eight hours or so on a charge. Considering that that time includes surfing the 'net and playing a video or music, it's pretty sweet.

One of the things that annoyed me when I switched from the HP to the Toshiba is that I couldn't port over my iPod library. There are about a dozen CD's that I lost by leaving a car case behind at a wedding. (the DJs were horrible and the bride was getting upset.) So, I couldn't sync, and I couldn't transfer. However, because they are two Apple products, I was able to get a program and pull everything off the iPod and put it into my library.

I'm glad I got it now so I can get used to all that it has. There is a lot I haven't had the time to monkey with.


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