Tag Along

One thing that Game Teen does that makes me proud on a regular basis is his penchant for immediately putting his hand up at meetings when he hears the words "We need some scouts to..." Someday, it might be "...muck out stalls," but so far, if they want volunteers, he does it.

His brother, on the other hand, is more cautious about what he pitches in to do. Barbeque fundraiser? Sure thing, he's there. Event at the VFW? Sign him up. Standing outside, directing traffic? He'll pass.

However, Game Teen signed up to do it and Ed had to work, so Chef had to go.

He protested and grumbled that "Game Teen didn't put his name on the roster" (Game Teen went up to the scoutmaster directly-he hates writing anything) "It's going to be too hot" and "But I didn't say I'd do it." My response was to tell him that he also needed some community service hours.

We got to the event and their scoutmaster gave them hearty welcomes, an Assistant scoutmaster immediately took Game Teen over to a task they'd picked just for him and I headed a few miles down the road to the library for a few hours of quiet studying.

A few hours later, when I came to pick them up, I had one happy, smiling kid and one extremely hyper kid, eager to tell me about all the stuff he did and the neat stuff he had in his pocket.

And no, that wasn't the one who had signed up in the first place.

The ride home was spent explaining to Chef that his brother had learned something important very early in his scout career: If you give a little of yourself for a few hours, everyone shows their appreciation.

I suspect that there won't be any grumbling the next time he has to tag along!


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