Studying Tips for College Students with ADHD

I've lived for many years with ADHD, diagnosed at the same time as Game Teen nine years ago, and managed fine. However, the demands of studying in college have made it clear that the time of leaving it untreated has come and gone.

In the meantime, a couple of things that have helped me get this far in college without blowing my grades:

*Ask the professors if you can record lectures. I started doing this with my Spanish class last semester and it makes a huge difference. Not only do I get more practice from doing drills while listening in the car, I have found that there are important things I didn't hear during the class the first go round. This semester, I'm recording both live classes.

*Flash Cards. Seriously, they are made for those of us with short attention spans. I had a test tonight that I wrote out all the terms the professor said to learn, then listened to the lectures to put the terms onto the cards. It helped me to retain info.

*White Noise. I have the iPod and iPhone set up with various white noise and it is my salvation while the kids are home from school and if I'm in the quiet study area at school and it's not so quiet. That's probably my worst issue with studying, not being able to tune out the extraneous conversations, video games or tv programs.

I also started getting up a few hours earlier than the kids to take advantage of that quiet time. It's a good feeling to have put in three hours on schoolwork before they are coming to me for all sorts of random things throughout the day.

I hope these tips come in handy for others in the same boat!


Jessi said…
Those are great tips. Actually, they're great tips even if a person *isn't* struggling with ADHD. I recorded many of my classes and flash cards helped many of my fellow peers.

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