Packing My Files

Twenty years ago, I sold computers. 8088 Epsons, 286 Headstarts and 9 pin dot matrix printers. We didn't have windows- the Epson necessitated DOS skills, while the Headstart offered a graphical user interface, or GUI, that allowed you to navigate through your computer. Heck, the Epson didn't even come with a modem, but the Headstart had a 2400 baud that was considered pretty speedy.

Both machines came with 20 megabyte hard drives and in an era where games like Leisure Suit Larry worked within 300 k of code, and Wordperfect didn't even take up a meg, it was unfathomable that we would need more space.

I contemplated this yesterday as I was debating which external drive to purchase. 500 gig or a Terrabyte? Seeing how a single program produced today wouldn't even fit onto that 20 meg behemoth, the decision was easy. I bought the terrabyte.

As i sit here backing up files onto 4 gig DVDs, it is clear that not much besides 6 megapixel pictures would fit on that drive of old.

The external drive? It was purchased to back up files in preparation of repairing my laptop. Alas, the malware/trojan/whatever the heck it was did a number on a few things, so i was not able to do an easy backup. Instead, i am creating disc after disc of pictures. Damn, i take a lot of pictures.

Meqnwhile, i am crossing my fingerd that the impending Windows 7 install brings me back to a wired state. This pbone is great, but it is not a substitute fora computer...


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