Green Skies Equals

For the third time in my life, I saw green skies as I looked out the window of the computer lab today. The two staffers had commented about how nasty it had become outside, and I commented that Holy Crap, the sky is green and that's what I've seen before tornadoes in the past.

Ten minutes later, in the middle of taking an exam, the power went out. It would remain so for nearly an hour. (A quick email on my phone to the TA got my exam reset and ready for when the power returned, as she was in St. Pete and experiencing better circumstances). The staffers and I chatted while we waited for the power to return.

Reports came from the facilities staff that quite a few light poles got knocked over just north of campus and it took out the campus transformer (the news reports got it wrong). Apparently, if power didn't return by 3:30, the powers that be were going to cancel evening classes. Another report said we did have a tornado just a half mile north of campus.

In all, fifteen light poles were taken out, a classmate reported seeing a BMW demolished by one of those light poles and many of my classmates had an extraordinarily long commute to school tonight. Thankfully, no one was injured.

Wonder if they'll consider storm shelters on the new campus?


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