Back in Business

I am posting from my laptop. My current laptop, just so we're clear. There will soon be a trip to the dark side, but not this week. Soon.

It probably was clear that I didn't have my laptop, what with all the typos in the posts I've made in the past week. There will be some cleanup on posts in the next few days. Meanwhile, I am now running Windows 7 and it's, well, um, how do I say it? Quite mediocre. Guess I shouldn't be surprised by that.

Since several of you have been operating it longer than I have, I'm looking for some answers that (of course) Microsoft does not answer in their search or in the actual hardware features.

First, there's a hover feature that if your mouse points to something on a page for more than a second or two, it opens a new page. Freaking annoying, so I tried to shut it off. However, in my hardware settings, the activate hover over box is not clicked, but it's still doing it.

I'm having a similar issue when I type. I usually get the mouse pointer out of my way when typing, but for some reason, if the cursor is elsewhere in a text box, I'll be speeding along at my usual pace and all of a sudden, my text is inserted elsewhere on the page. WTH? Or my text doesn't show up in the text box, despite not moving the mouse or clicking to another box.

I'm also getting used to the way the status bar is laid out at the bottom and rebuilding my bookmarks, but the essential stuff is accessible. Well, except for MS Office, which I'll have to reinstall soon. I can't do the biology work without it.

Yeah, I installed NOD32 again. It was on the HP, but I went with what Toshiba offered on this one. Light is green, trap is clean and I apparently did a good job of removing all the AVSoft malware crap off my machine, but took out my WiFi drivers along with the crap.

Studying really sucks when you can't get online at home...


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