Busch Gardens, Plus a Friend

Recently, I got a card in the mail from Busch Gardens that pass holders could bring a friend in free this weekend. So, I called my friend Meghan and asked if she wanted to head over to Tampa with us. She agreed, and we had a very hot, but fun, afternoon at the park.

Last week, Chef visited Busch Gardens with his best friend's family, and his mom got a great picture of Chef grooming the apes. Today, I got pictures of them eating what they groomed!

I love this little waterfall before the large Gorilla habitat.

There was a lot of fun to be made at the expense of some statues...

The reality of the Chiari is that there are very few rides I can still enjoy. Well, I can ride them, but now that I know where the headaches are coming from, I have to decide whether it's worth it. Meghan wanted to go on it, I haven't been on one of these in about 20 years, and we committed to it before realizing it went upside down. She commented that I might get a free neck decompression. That didn't happen, but it didn't give me a headache, so that's a good sign.

Chef's artistic photography. I liked it.

It was very hot today, and no doubt it was worse on these inhabitants. They all were just lounging or trying to find a way to stay cool. Can't blame them.

I rode a few things, and most of them failed the 'hurt my head' test, but now I know that they're definitely out. Hanging upside down, though, is okay. Go figure.

Thanks for spending the day with us, Meghan. That was a blast!


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