Whatever Works

Some thirty years ago, Madame Boucai gave us a homework assignment to assist us in learning body parts and articles of clothing. We got dittos of a boy on a beach and a girl in a store to label. Some of us colored them in, because it gave us an excuse to color something as teens.

One girl in my class, Faith, painted the boy's fingernails pink and gave him earrings, something that wasn't very common in 1980. It was the source of Madame's joking for a long time after the assignment had been turned in.

The method used to remember these worked very well. So much so that now that I'm studying for my Spanish final on Tuesday (with much better results than French), I decided it was time to make my own clothing page:


Joyce-Anne said…
oolala! Do you remember that game?
Altec said…
¿Donde estan tus zapatos?
Suzanne said…
Altec, a la izquierda, Chef's Vans. A la derecha, los zapatoes que no puedo usar! (I can't draw shoes to save my life)

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