Of Classes, Current and Future

This afternoon, a text message provided some welcome news: Class is Cancelled. Welcome because I had two very intense exams in other classes the past two days and I just didn't want to go-but I would. (Mom as student, you have to set the example for the kids).

The realization that there are only four weeks of this five class schedule also came to mind today. It's probably better to take five classes when you're not dealing with two moves and settling an estate! The bright side of that is that future semesters will seem easy in comparison.

Yes, two major tests in two days and another one scheduled for Monday. Going into this week, I thought my overall grades would be two B's and three A's. Now, I'm sure it'll be four A's and depending on the grade of last week's test, I may scrape out a 4.0. If I don't, I'm not going to beat myself up.

The future. One credit shy of official 'Senior' status, my registration window opened yesterday. However, I have a hold that is waiting for the Psych Stats grade to be released (I needed two maths, but it was vaguely worded in the course catalog). That's the class that now appears to be an A, but I still have to wait for it to post before I can register for upper level Psych classes.

So, here I sit, with six different emails from my academic advisor, each with a completely different answer to my questions (Can I get overrides? What can I do to fix this situation?), but basically, I was told I could not register for those classes until May 15th, when the grade posts.

I mentioned it in an open forum of a campus organization meeting the other day, as did another student, and the advisor is in the process of fixing it. This is one of the benefits of getting involved and/or attending the small campus, the administration actually knows students by names. One email later, and the fix is in the works. Now, if only the five remaining classes will stay open until I get to them, I'll be all set!


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