More Humor From Chef Junior, the Easter Edition

When the jig is up on who actually brings the goods for the major holidays, we still try to gather the trappings of those holidays without the kids knowing what they're getting.

This week, Chef saw a Warheads Easter egg while we were shopping. He asked for one, while Game Teen picked up one that contained Hershey's miniatures and said "this one doesn't have dye in it." Chef has also been hinting that he'd like some white chocolate.

Thus began the search for the elusive white chocolate (I know it's not chocolate, humor me here) bunny for his basket. They used to be everywhere, but I'd been everywhere but WalMart looking for one without success.

So, tonight, I had to go run an errand and had the boys with me. Game Teen opted to stay in the car, while Chef asked to go into WalMart with me. He accompanied me down the crowed aisles containing the various Easter confections. No white chocolate bunnies. I asked him if I could just get him some white chocolate without it being a bunny.

Classic Chef. "Actually, Mom, since Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I'm not a fan of bunnies and would prefer that you didn't get me a bunny."

Apparently, if I put a bunny in his basket, it must be accompanied by a Holy Hand Grenade.


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